Thank you for being my tutor for the past years. I have a lot of memories. I remember my first day and doing magic-e. You made up some of the best games! One of my favorites was Snatch. Most of all I loved coming and gaining my skills. You taught me how to write and read. — Love, Anna, Millbrook, NY

One-on-one tutoring focuses specifically on a dyslexic child’s area of weakness. Tutoring arrangements may be made for sessions in math or language instruction. Pre and post testing are administered allowing informed decisions to be made as to where instruction should begin.  A tutoring plan is developed for individual students by using their strengths to address their weaknesses. Tutoring services are provided in Millbrook, NY.

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Tutoring allows students to learn in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
Dyslexic kids are smart! Most score in the top 10% for intelligence.
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