Private Schools


Teacher Training in Private Schools

Niemanville provides a thirty hour Classroom Educator training or a sixty hour Associate level training to private schools focusing on students with learning disabilities or private schools seeking to help those students with language-learning disabilities. The goal for these teachers is to provide the appropriate instruction which will allow students to continue to attend their private school. Because most private schools have small classes and already have a variety of hands-on activities within their school, Orton-Gillingham training allows those students to be successful throughout the school day. The Classroom Educator course is a thirty hour training which teaches basic phonetic concepts as well as aspects of the language to help teachers provide background information, patterns, and rules students may use every day within the classroom. Teachers may also pursue Associate Level Training after completing their coursework at the Classroom Educator Level. This level is dedicated to vocabulary, Latin affixes, writing skills, and formal and informal testing. After being accepted by the Orton-Gillingham Academy at the Associate Level, trainees may seek training and accreditation at the Certified Level. This level requires 100 more hours of coursework as well as 200 more hours of practicum.

*Please note an additional fee is required for those pursuing a Practicum and Academy accreditation.

  • The Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Engage the Brain, Orlando, FL
  • The Christ School, Orlando, FL
  • Friend’s Academy, Dartmouth, MA
  • The Southport School, Southport, CT
  • Master’s School, West Simsbury, CT